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Progressez facilement dans l'apprentissage de la langue de Shakespeare
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Deux fois par mois, retrouvez des articles en anglais à plusieurs niveaux de difficulté ainsi que le vocabulaire s'y rapportant.Avec cette version tout en anglais, progressez rapidement dans la pratique de l'anglais.Vocable est le magazine spécialiste de l'apprentissage des langues étrangères et de la formation : une revue de presse, des tests et exercices, des formations.
READING IS BACK ! From Charles Dickens to Toni Morrison, the pandemic turned us into book lovers Economy : Can we cure all diseases with a trillion dollars Cooking : Why we should all eat insects... Culture :Embrace a minimalist lifestyle
Vocable All English N° 513
N° 513 du 18 février 2021
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH ? The world, seen by its citizens Environment : What would a carbon-free britain look like ? Culture : Happy birthday, Wikipedia ! Science : How our brains record time
Vocable All English N° 512
N° 512 du 04 février 2021
WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE TO BLAME FRANCE ? Economy :Can Americans still live like the Simpsons ? Lifestyle : Rewilding the scottish highlands Politics : The republican party and Trump legacy
Vocable All English N° 511
N° 511 du 21 janvier 2021
IS SILICON VALLEY Still a hub for innovation ? Politics : The Covid vaccine and british nationalism Music : An interview with Arlo parks History : The truth about Robin Hood
Vocable All English N° 510
N° 510 du 07 janvier 2021
A NEW ERA FOR THE U.S.A Joe Biden's inauguration on 20 january Travel : Times Square, minus the crowds Health : The First covid vaccine Film : Sound of metal - a moving drama
Vocable All English N° 509
N° 509 du 24 décembre 2020
2021 : WHAT WILL THE NEW YEAR BE LIKE ? Tech : what's it like to work for Netflix ? Language : And the word of the year is... Astronomy : 20th anniversary of the international space station
Vocable All English N° 508
N° 508 du 10 décembre 2020
BRITAIN'S CHRISTMANS BAKES The season of sugar, spice and all things nice Lifestyle : Australia's summer of optimism Politics . Biden and Macron : A new alliance ? Culture : What to watch, read and play during lockdown
Vocable All English N° 507
N° 507 du 26 novembre 2020
WHERE IS BRITAIN GOING ? U.K. voters and politicians, as the country heads towards Brexit Lifestyle : How to embrace winter Politics : America's economy after Trump History : What did the vikings look like ?
Vocable All English N° 506
N° 506 du 12 novembre 2020
100 YEARS OF HERCULE POIROT Lifestyle : Optimism during the pandemic Technology : Making South Africa safer Psychology : Do tou believe in conspiracy theories ?
Vocable All English N° 505
N° 505 du 29 octobre 2020
THE TWO FACES OF AMERICA On 3 november, the elected president will face a divided country Equality : Women's rights in India Culture : Happy birthday, Instagram ! Science : The mysteries of Asmr
Vocable All English N° 504
N° 504 du 15 octobre 2020
COVID-19 : HOW WE LIVE NOW What does the "New normal" look like ? Travel : Spooky stories for hallowen Ecologye : why is California burning ? Tech : Can we avoid information overload , "Ok , Boomer" : Why young voters matter this November
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